Picture by POET

POET | fine art posters and prints

Poet (GFA) belongs to the most important graffiti writers of Berlin. For more than 25 years he has been active in the scene. He belongs to the second generation of European graffiti. Poet is one of the precursors of the culture who is still active to this day. You stumble over his traces throughout Berlin: tags, paste-ups, bombings and pieces. His presence is felt everywhere.
Poet does not stand still though, he still makes graffiti in the tradition of old school New York City, whilst always keeping a strong focus on a distinctive European street art identity. He has vastly broadend his repertoire over the last 25 years, for example, painting canvasses with his partner Arunski. These canvasses still use graffiti concepts as their starting point but the surface transcends and transforms into something new and independent. Together Arunski and Poet have also incited public happenings such as “Pennergold 1 – 3” (Hobo Gold 1-3) and documented these works on video. They address the social reality in the form of poverty in these videos. For Arty Shop Poet has made an exclusive silk print forming the title of it all: Party Arty.

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