Philip Grözinger

Picture by Philip Grözinger

Philip Grözinger | fine art posters and prints

Philip Grözinger is a Berlin based painter. His paintings show a liking for the absurd. Although disturbingly noire and dystopian on the first glance there is always a bit of irony embedded. His linocut prints show sinister worlds. The settings, with their post-apocalyptic atmosphere, are populated by comic-strip hybrid creatures and loaded with artifacts of an erstwhile civilization, whose inhabitants have left behind machinelike strongholds, burning skylines, and mysterious equipment. The artist’s motifs are derived from a recollection from 70s sifi-films like “Logans Run” and “Star Wars”. By picking motives from the 1970s pop culture, marked by skepticism and cultural criticism when it comes to looking into the future and integrating these motives into his own art works you might call these kind of retro-futur. Being a post-modern thinker though who knows about the ambivalence of Nitzschean pessimism and belief-in-progress optimism Grözinger always finds adds twist to his pictures avoiding simple unambiguity.

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