Jim Avignon

Picture by Jim Avignon

Jim Avignon

Jim Avignon is a contemporary German pop artist and musician. He became a well respected cult figure in the Berlin art and techno subculture of the 1990s and kept this status to this day.

Jim Avignon started painting when he was 21 years old, first exhibiting in techno clubs. His ideas on art were very clear: "I'd rather sell a thousand images for one dollar, than one image for a thousand dollars." He demonstrated his commitment to this philosophy while exhibiting his work in Frankfurt in 1995: the public was invited to take any of the 800 originals on display home for free. Aptly, this exhibition was named "Get Rich With Art". At a 1992 exhibition in Kassel, Avignon created one painting each day, only to destroy it in the evening. A documentary called "Destroy Art Galleries" was made about the exhibition.

Jim Avignon is a prolific, provocative and highly original artist who has published a number of books.

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