Heiko Zahlmann

Picture by Heiko Zahlmann

HEIKO ZAHLMANN | fine art posters and prints

Heiko Zahlmanns art career started back in 1989 with graffiti. Over the years he has focused more and more on sublimating the aesthetics of that subculture into fine contemporary art. His current work is the result of a continuous process in which he has stripped away the form of the letters used to build the works, whilst reducing the vivid color of graffiti art to dual or monochromatic schemes. His concepts range from applying art to architecture and sculpture and from painting to drawing. The three-dimensional graphic and geometric works are transformed fonts which produce a haptic perception onto concrete walls in the form of reliefs or prints. In these reliefs, the wall itself becomes the medium. Zahlmann was born in and is currently based in Hamburg. He is working worldwide.

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