Dave the Chimp

Picture by Dave the Chimp

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Dave the Chimpis an artist known mainly for his work on the street, but he is also a successful illustrator, publisher of fanzines, designer, writer, sculptor, cartoonist, and most recently, director. His characters are one of a kind and enable Daveto tell complex stories with a humorous twist with just a few strokes. He also has been riding skateboards for 30 years.Dave the Chimphas exhibited in more than 50 exhibitions worldwide alongside Banksy, Blu, Swoon, Os Gemeos, Miss Van, Shepard Fairey, and others, and has had solo shows in Italy, Germany and Luxembourg. His work has been published in over 30 books, on subjects from Architecture to Zines. A book solely of his work (Part of Rebellion 2) was published June 2009 by Publikat.>Dave the Chimpwas the first UK artist to create a skateboard shoe for Vans. His "Wake Up" shoe, released in 2008, was a full-on neon explosion in the usually subtle "artist shoe" world. He still loves to paint in the street and ride skateboards fast.

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